Sunday, October 6, 2013

Here I go again, wiping off the inches of dust

I checked my blog and I haven't been on here since May. That's a long time. I need to do this blogging thing better. But I didn't just not do anything while I wasn't writing on here. 
Anyone that has elementary aged school children knows May is HUGE. It's just so busy. There's field trips and water days and end of the year everything. 
This May, was especially busy. We had my daughter graduating from high school, along with all the other stuff I had going on at school. And her birthday is at the end of the month. 
June was vacation and after that week, Things finally started to settle. Then I had time to really WRITE. 
Which makes me happy. 
Our summer break lasts for 10 weeks, which sounds like a long time, but when you're trying to cram as much writing as you can into every morning, it turns out that it goes by pretty fast. Then there's the house that I'm supposed to be keeping clean, now that I'm home. 
My husband thinks I can pump out a novel and only write an hour a day. He doesn't get that it takes me three or four hours of writing and revising to get anywhere good.
So then he fusses if I'm on the computer for more than a few hours in the morning on Saturday. 
And then asks me when I'm going to be done with it. 
Is there anybody else's spouses doing that to them?? Or is it just me?
I didn't mean for this to become a rant and rave session. I'm not usually like that, but it's frustrating when you work really hard on something and get pretty far and then have to limit your time again because you have to go back to your real job.
Anyway....if this is you...keep on keepin' on is all I can say. 'Cause that's what I'm going to do. 
Happy Writing People! Don't give up!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Stranger on my blog

Well, here I am again....and it's been about two months since I posted anything. I'm such a naughty blogger.
My only excuse is that my life moves pretty fast and between one daughter graduating high school and the other having A LOT of issues with anxiety at school, I haven't had much time to do anything else.

I did want to give you a heads up though. I have a friend who's written a book and the music to go with it. He's got a multi-media thing going on and let me tell you--it's phenomenal. I'm not just saying that because he's a friend I've known since high school. He truly is a talented guy. Todd wrote the story of his life and when he met Missy, his wife. Her struggle with cancer is a story you don't want to miss. So if you're looking for a story with a happy ending with it's own background music, this is something you need to check out.

If I've sparked your curiosity already and you want to check out his website before the interview, it's  You'll be able to sample one of the songs on the DVD he made to go with the book. Todd arranges songs too. This arrangement of 'Ode to Joy' is his and it really sticks with you.

I'm giving Todd the prestigious honor of being the first author that I've ever interviewed on my blog. And not only did he write this and self publish it, but he is giving all the proceeds of the book to his Angel Flight charity.
I'll have more about all of this when I interview him.
I'm so excited! I hope I do this right. ;)

I'll have his interview up in a few weeks. I can't wait for you guys to meet him. He's an awesome person.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Haven't been on here in FOREVER. Decided to say 'Hi' to all my followers and hope you and your blogs are doing well. I've been working on my latest draft of 'Starstruck' and with my two friends Bethany and Angela guiding me, I'm hoping to have it finished, hacked back up and trimmed back down to a sleek, shiny finish by the end of the summer.
My oldest is about to graduate high school and my youngest is about to enter. Which is a whole other set of ..."OMG's"...
Oldest going to college won't be bad. She's staying at home to save money as we only live about 10 minutes away from the university my husband and I both graduated from.
The youngest going into high school is what scares me the most. High school is hard as it is, but when you have autism and then anxiety brought on by having to live in the middle school world every day, it's become so much harder.
If any of you have any suggestions on how to help her transition into high school, please let me know. I'm open to any and every thing. Her anxiety has become so elevated, I've had to put her on medicine and now she's developed Trichotillomania. Which is an obsessive disorder where she pulls her hair, eyebrows, eye lashes and everything else she can out of her head. The habit has gotten so bad, she's pulled most of the hair out of her head underneath the top layer. We cut her hair shorter, so it actually helps hide it a little.

It's so frustrating to see your baby, who already has autism struggles have one more thing to deal with.