Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

2015 Was a year of changes for our family. For sure.

The biggest change was our new addition:  Punkin' Pie. You know that old joke, 'Let me tell you about my grandkids.'  And how everybody that doesn't have grandkids rolls their eyes at the offending grandparent? I totally get that now. I will officially become an offending grandparent.

Cutest. baby. ever.

So one of my goals was to get one of my books published, which, unfortunately, didn't happen yet. But since the preparation and arrival of the grandchild took nine months, I'm going to give myself a pass. I might've been a little distracted this year.

You know everybody has a year end list, but I want this to be a 'looking ahead' list.

Here are some of my top happenings of 2016, that I know of.

1.  I'm going to be 50 in April. So that is a huge, or it just means the clock's ticking and if I have things I want to get done, I'd better get on it.

2.  In 2016, I'm going to have a better handle on the whole Nannie thing, so it'll be easier to write/edit etc...I hope.

3.  2016 is an even number...for some reason, I just like it

4.  This summer, we're planning a Goat Stampede. This is where the Goat Posse members get together from all parts of the U.S. in one place and have the BEST time. We have so many members in so many different places in their writing journeys, but when we're together, it doesn't matter. We enjoy hanging out with each other so much. It beats all odds of probability that we would all get along so well, but we do.

5. We have two books, (that I know of) coming out this year in the Goat Posse. Of Delicate Pieces by A. Lynden Rolland and Seven Ways We Lie by Riley Redgate. These are both going to be excellent books. I can not wait to get my hands on both of them. That's a definite positive for the year. I'm hoping mine will be number 3.

6. Hoping to get an online store started for my daughter with Autism. She has discovered jewelry making and just loves it. One of my best buddies showed her how to do it and she's taken to it like a fish to water. So I'm hoping to sell some of her creations and save the money for her for down the road when me and her daddy aren't here any more to take care of her. And buy more beads with some of it beads are expensive! This is a goal I'm shooting for. I'm hoping I have the time to do this.

Here's hoping your 2016 is full of love, laughter, good food and family.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Grandma?!?!?! What???


This has become my new title. It took me nine months to get used to the idea that my oldest college student was going to have a baby. That stuff usually happens to other people. Not my kid, right?


It happens. All the time.

She wanted to keep the baby and so we have. We welcomed my Punkin' Pie on November 5th of 2015. She is precious. Punkin' Pie just kind of evolved from Punkin', since she was born close to Thanksgiving.

When people would ask me if I was excited, I couldn't really be. I'd been through labor twice and neither time was a picnic for me. Had to end up having C-sections both times after being in labor for HOURS. I dreaded my daughter going through the pain of childbirth. I worried about complications, I worried about losing her and having to raise her daughter. I worried about a lot of things.
I also know that worrying about things you can't control is a waste of time. But when it's your kid, sometimes you just can't turn that stuff off.
So when the time came, I was privileged enough to be in the delivery room and watch the whole thing. We breathed and I held my baby up as she pushed hers out. She was a freakin' rock star. Pushed that baby out in 16 minutes. No lie. And she's not a big girl either. She's strong, but small, but made quick work of that 6 pound 2 ounce tiny little thing. Punkin' Pie was born with hair that covered her collar and was jet black. She's lost most of it now, but she still has the row of hair that covers her collar. So cute.

So, what have I learned from having a new born in the house again?
I've learned that when you're close to 50, you don't have the energy to stay up more than one night in a row with a baby that won't go to sleep.
I've learned that staying out of the way and allowing my daughter to be the mom and do all the work is what needs to happen. For both of our sanity sake. Because I raised mine with very little help. I was the one that got up with them every night. Husband worked all the time, so other than holding them and feeding them every once in a while, the child rearing fell on me.
He's much more help with the grand kid, which is awesome. If I try to do everything for her, I'm not doing her any favors. She's learned what works, what doesn't and what her different cries mean.

Now that Punkin' Pie is out and cute and snuggly, I can say how much fun being a Nannie is.
I picked that name since I'm a Goat Posse member. (nannie goat--lol) After getting my daughter through the delivery, I could actually breathe and enjoy the whole Nannie experience.

She's close to 7 weeks now and starting to raise her eyebrows. It's the funniest thing I've ever seen an infant do.
When she smiles at me, my heart just leaps for joy. That is not even an exaggeration.

I think the most important thing that's come out of this is our family is closer. We all have a common goal. Take care of Punkin' Pie. Whether she needs feeding, watching, changing, holding...whatever she needs, one of us is here to do it and to help my daughter if she needs it.

If you ever cringe at the idea of being a grandparent, don't. I did every time somebody mentioned it, until she was born. But now, seeing my daughter be a mom is one of the proudest accomplishments of my life. And I'd hate for any of you to miss that with your kids.