Saturday, September 11, 2010


     Today is a day of remembering....9/11 happened 9 years ago.  My daughter Shannon was in 2nd grade.  Trying to explain everything to her was hard when she was little, but we answered whatever questions she had the best we could.  It's hard to explain something like that to a kid when you don't even understand it yourself. 
Another thing I thought about today that I had forgotten...I'm trying to write for everybody else.  I suffer from  'people pleaser' syndrome.  I put the first page of my manuscript on a website to be critiqued.  The first review I got wasn't good.  Said the idea wasn't original enough and they didn't like it.  After that, I proceeded to completely rewrite my first page to make it more exciting.  Rewriting the first page usually translates into rewriting everything else too.  I even thought about completely rewriting the whole thing. 

Then I remembered an interview Rob Pattinson did while he was promoting one of the Twilight movies.  He said if he tried to please everybody he would go insane.  All he could do was what he liked and thought was good and if people like it great and if not, that's ok too.  That's what I need to do.  If I post something...everybody's not going to like it.  I know that, but ...I want it to be the best it can be, so if I need to change something I will, but at the same time...I need to remember the story that I like and stay with it.

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