Monday, September 26, 2011

Brenna Yovanoff ARC giveaway, trinkets and memories

My blogger/twitter buddy/fellow goat posse member/cheerleader friend Michelle at Greenwoman, recommended this book to me, "The Replacement" a while back. I can't remember now if I told her at the time, but I'd seen the cover of 'The Replacement' by Brenna Yovanoff and the cover kinda creeped me out. Alot. Enough to get my attention on the Kindle store page and say.."Geesh..I think I'll pass on that one" I tried to save a picture of the cover on here, but blogspot wouldn't let me so here's a link to it. "The Replacement"

See what I mean??

Then my trusted friend, Michelle, who likes the same kind of books I like, suggested it. The first thing I thought of when I saw it again was, "There's that book. Hm. Do I really want to read this?" She promised me it was good, so I trusted her. After I started reading it, I decided I liked it and it wasn't a horror story like I thought it was. Not that there's anything wrong with that..;) I have a fellow Goat Posse member, Justin Holley, who's specialty is horror, so, I'm not completely against it. I'm just normally a big chicken.

So now, the lovely and talented Brenna is coming out with a new book. 'The Space Between'. 
The cover to this one is pretty cool and WAY less creepy, in my opinion.

Since I enjoyed "The Replacement" so much, I'm really curious to read "The Space Between" to see what this is about. For an ARC, Brenna asked that we blog or tweet or put on our facebook page, something that means something to us but nobody else. Some little something.
Sitting here at my kitchen table, right in front of my is a china cabinet full of not just china, but also trinkets and stuff people have given me when I was little all the way up until now.

There are so many things I could've chosen that have a special memory attached to them. I said on her on blog that I might be considered a small-scale hoarder. There are so many random things in just the china cabinet, it would take a couple of hours to go through and tell all the memories that go with them. Then there's my pine chest at the foot of our bed....

When I looked in the china cabinet, I saw a small ceramic palomino foal laying in there. I remembered it from when I was little. When I turned it over I found it had my initials, the word 'birthday' the date which was April, 1975 and two other initials. 'B.B.'
I knew immediately it was from my next door neighbor, Billie Ruth. She and her husband lived and still to this day live next door to my parents' house. I call them my 'next door neighbors from life' because they've always been next door. They moved next door to my parents' house when I was three, so I don't ever remember them not living there. She'd just learned how to paint ceramics and gave that horse to me for my 9th birthday.

She's part of my life because she and her husband and their three kids grew up next to me. When I think of the phrase, 'It takes a village to raise a child', I think of her, because all of us kids were back and forth in each other's yards and houses all our little lives. As we got older, we got busy and then we got married and we all moved to our own houses. But Billie Ruth, Larry, Kirk, Kim and Kristie, will always be my next door neighbors.


  1. I hope you wiiiiiiin!!!!!!

  2. Me too! :)Thanks for tipping me off to her. Wouldn't have found her without you! ;)

  3. Aww, that's so sweet about the horse. Sniff. And good luck on the contest! I loved The Replacement, too, so if you win the next one, you have to tell me what you think. :)