Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just a few days before Christmas

Well, here I am.

I guess you guys thought I'd drown in the sea of Christmas programs and preparations, but I did survive it all. The two weeks before we got out for Christmas were grueling though. They always are. And as I get older, it seems like the drain on my body gets worse, but I just have to say no to a few things in order to survive it.
This year it was writing. I had to put all of that on the back burner for two weeks because I couldn't get up at my normal 4:00 am to write in the quiet house. I was just too tired. I tried to write at night...but once again...couldn't hardly finagle (is that really a word?) a complete thought out of my spent body to get anything written down. I decided it would be best to just rest and then hit it hard as soon as school was out.
So that's what I've done. And it's worked.
I feel more energized and the words and scenes in my head are flowing much better now that the stress of three Christmas programs is  over. To me, I don't really get stressed out for the actual Christmas day. I guess because I have to spend so much physical energy in performing with my kids, that everything else feels easy.

So, with that said, I hope all you guys have a great Christmas , Hanukkah and Kwanzaa season and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. It always surprises me that the end of the year is upon us during the Christmas season. It's just so hard to believe the year is almost over. Overall, It's been a good one for me. I can't complain because I'm alive, walking and talking, with no major health issues for me or my family.All of that counts as a good year.

I don't really like making resolutions, but I do like to set goals.
I've been thinking about my writing goals for the coming year. I hope to get my first novel out there in the e-publishing world. I may try to query it, just to see what happens, but I think I'd just rather publish it myself. That way, all the people that have said, "I want to read your book, when can I get it?" Will be able to read it. Those people have supported me for a long time. I feel like I owe them that at least.
Anyway, thought I'd post a little Christmas cheer on here to liven things up a little. I like pictures and color on here..so this a good way to fill that need of mine.
Here are some Christmas-y pics from around our house.

 This is our house after a day of putting up lights. And having to buy more since some of them had gone out.

My new blingy stocking...my old one was stained and had seen better days.

Cassidy's pink Christmas tree in her room that her aide from elementary school gave her. It matches her pink walls! ;)

Everybody got new stockings this year. Shannon loves her pink zebra one!

So have a good one and I'll see all of you in the New Year!
Happy happy to you and yours.


  1. Love the pics - the stockings are awesome! :)

    We won't be done school until Friday - which is okay because it'll be a nice break afterwards, but it's going to be a looooooong week! Have the best Christmas yet! :)

  2. Thanks ladies! Jemi, if we weren't getting out until Friday, somebody would've had to shoot me...I always put everything off until we're out of school...yuck!