Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meme-ilicious My answers to my bloggy friends' questions

Ok, I got tagged in the question answering thing by my friend Michelle, my newly-found greatly-loved Twitter buddy.  I haven't done one of these in a while, so this should be interesting. If nothing else, it might be a bit of a challenge to answer honestly with maybe a little snark added in for fun. 

If you could go back in time and relive one moment, what would it be?  This is already too hard.  I left this one to the end.  I've completed this whole thing and still can't answer this one.  I feel like there is so much cooler stuff ahead of me.  Well, when I was in college, our chamber choir went to England and we sang around the tomb of the unknown soldier in Westminster Abby.  Our voices rang off all that concrete.  Never heard anything like it.  We sounded like angels.  That was pretty darn cool. 

If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
 I don't think I'd change anything.  Possible cop out, but I am who I am because of all the mistakes and missteps I've made.  You don't grow if you don't mess up and learn from it.  Although, I when I was in high school, when I had another offer from a really nice guy, I should've taken it instead of pining over the jerk that broke up with me. LOL!

What movie/tv character do you most resemble in personality?  
 I'd say Amy Adams, first because she has red hair like me, but also because most of her characters are feisty and stubborn.  My first memory of anything remotely stubborn comes when I was 4.  My mom took me to the Dr. once a week to get allergy shots.  There was a nurse there, Martha, a sassy black lady that I LOVED.  She gave the best shots.  Hardly hurt.  She always told a story about me putting my hands on my hips when I was 4 saying, "Now Martha, wait just a darn, darn, minute."  Because I wasn't ready for her to give me my shot.  Told that story on me til I was a lot older.  So that's proof of the origins of my  feisty and stubbornness.  LOL

If you could push one person off a cliff and get away with it, who would it be?
I could never do that in real life.  Although my husband wants me to learn to shoot a gun in case somebody ever breaks into our house.  He's paranoid like that.  You just never know.  As far as the cliff, I'd never be on one because I have a whole 'height' thing, plus I can't think of anybody that gets on my nerves that bad.

Name one habit you want to change in yourself.
self-doubt.  Not sure if it's a habit, but it's something about myself I wish I could change.  

Describe yourself in one word.
kind-hearted (I hyphenated it so technically it's one word)

Describe the person who named you in this meme in one word.

Why do you blog? Answer in one sentence.
To help hone my writing skills, but also to meet people.

Who am I tagging?
Not sure.  The people Michelle tagged are most of the people I have on my blog list.  I'm still a newbie at the blog thing.

Meme The Second:
Are you hot?
Apparently, more than I realized.  I got propositioned by a guy on Facebook the other day wanting to find the 'right woman' and told me how cute he thought I was.  If he'd looked past my picture, he'd have seen the next thing that says 'Married'.  Husband votes yes, and his vote is the one that counts.

Upload a picture or wall paper you are using at the moment.

 Hugh...what can I say?  Just look at this picture.  My husband and I have a 'freebie' list.  Like if  one of the celebs on our freebie list came to the door for one night.  We could go.  Like a hall pass.  lol  Hugh is at the top of mine. ;)  Halle Berry is at the top of his.  HAHA!

 When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
This week.  Made a casserole with broccoli, cheese, chicken and rice in it.

The Song(s) you listened to recently?
The two that I keep going back to on my ipod are:
Rascal Flatts-"I won't let Go"  Been using that for how one of my characters feel in a new MS I'm working on.
Sara Evans-"A little bit Stronger" Also using that one in the same MS.  Helps me get inside the characters' head.  Does that even make sense?
Taylor Swift-"Mean" I just love this song! One of my 5th graders sang this for our end of year talent show that me and my partner music teacher are in charge of.  The song hadn't been released as a single yet, so I hadn't heard it when she tried out.  The week after school was out it was on the radio a lot.  I think of Hanna up on the stage with her guitar when I hear it. :)

What were you thinking as you were doing this?
I had to think way too hard and it took way too long, but it's because I'm a perfectionist and tend to be long-winded.  ;)

Do you have nicknames?
Red..that one goes back to when I was four. My best friend, Craig, still calls me that sometimes. Some of the people in my family call me Suze(pronounced SOOZ) not (SOOOZEE).  Suze Orman completely confused everybody so now NOBODY can pronounce my nickname correctly if it's written out.  I have a few college buddies that call me Swooze, but only a few.

Tag eight Blogger friends.
I'm not even sure I know how to tag anybody in a blog.  This should be interesting.

1. A.M. Supinger-Inner Owlet

2.Stephanie Diaz-Stephanie Diaz
3. Robert K. Lewis- Needle City
4. Anita G. Howard- A still and Quiet Madness

5. Julie A. Lindsey-Musings from the Slush Pile
6.Donna Earnhardt-Word WranglerNC
7. Wendy Sparrow-Where Ladybugs Roar
8.Dean C. Rich-The Write Time

Who’s listed as number one?
A.M. Supinger- My new Tweeplet friend on Twitter.  She's sweet and a great cheerleader.  Her blogtest was only the 2nd short story I'd ever written and she thought it was pretty good.  I was pretty proud of myself for entering her contest and she was so encouraging. 

Say something about number 5.
Julie A. Lindsey is a Twitter buddy, who is 'living the dream'.  She's gotten a contract with a publisher that is going to publish 3 of her books within the next year.  She's also a writer/mom like me and great fun to talk to. 

How did you get to know number 3?
Robert lurks(haha) around Agent Query and Twitter throwing in comments now and again about different topics, although they always seem to come back to Brandy Beans.  One of these days, He will taste a Goo-Goo cluster and I will finally get a hold of some brandy beans.  Probably in the fall when you can ship chocolate without the danger of it melting. :)

How about number 4?
Met Anita on Twitter as well.  She's an author and a really cool lady.  She's part of the goat posse that Michelle told me to crash. I mistakenly took her for a red-head, but she forgave me for it.  lol

Leave a message for number 6.

Hey Donna, if we ever meet each other at a Writer's Conference we SO have to find a bar to do kareoke in! :)

Leave a lovey-dovey message for number 2.
  My dear sweet Stephanie, oh how I count the days until I can tweet with you again....ok that's enough..that's a little weird.  lol

Do number 7 and number 8 have any similarities?
Both I met on Twitter, both are writers and both seem to be really great people.  I'm really lucky to have met both of them. :)

Dudes, this took a LONG TIME. But it was fun.
And seriously–don’t get stressed if I tagged you. This should be fun. If it isn’t? SKIP IT!


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