Friday, July 29, 2011


I just visited my friend Cherie's website and my short story is on there TODAY!  For some reason, I am scared to death.  Why is that?  She looked over it for me a few times, and I fixed some things that needed fixing and then she said it was fine.  I trust her.  She's a great writer.  I didn't mind her reading it.  I don't mind my other writer friends reading it.  It's all the other people I don't know reading it.  I guess it's the fear of failure that's bombarding me all of a sudden.  If I'm going to be a writer, all I've heard is you have to have a thick skin.

I thought I had a thicker skin than this.  I have got to get over myself.  I've told myself over and over...everybody doesn't like everything.  You can't please everybody.  In my 45 year old mind, I know that, but the thought of having somebody tear it up one side and down the other is a bit daunting.  I guess this is a weakness I need to work on.

So if you would like to read my guest post, (gulp) go to and take a look.

I think I'll just stay off the internet for a while and not look at what anybody says.  Might be the best option for me. :)


  1. You did GREAT! No need to throw up or anything... ;)

  2. Thick skin is something we form once we've failed enough times. Keep trying and failing and your skin will be so thick you'll be known as Suzanne of no Payne. :)

  3. I read it and LOVED it Suzanne. No worries, you will develop a thick skin. But as talented as you are, I don't think you'll need to to be too thick. I was so touched by your beautiful tale!

  4. I am here to present you with a blog award called the Liebster Blog for your informative blog. Details are on my blog. Congrats and enjoy!