Thursday, May 10, 2012

20 something years of doing this.... and the Blue Angels!

So it's been a little while since the A-Z challenge. Since then, I've been trying to get through a birthday...I on the downhill slide toward 50 now, which is a little scary...
Our 22nd anniversary was May 5th. When you reach the 'twenties' in an anniversaries, you start to feel old. Like REALLY old.

I can remember when I first started teaching and veteran teachers would say..."This is my 20-something year to teach" and I'd think....'Wow...they've been at this a long time. They really know what they're doing and they're good at it.' I was in awe of them.

And now, here I am. A member of the elite. I always thought that if anybody made it past twenty years, that they were meant to do the teaching thing. I do know quite a bit about teaching music to elementary kiddos, but you never know everything. There's always a new way to present something. I try to teach different activities to keep my brain fresh. I don't usually teach from a detailed lesson plan because I never teach the same lesson the same way. My brain is creative enough to come up with new ways to do things. Keeps me from getting bored--unless there is a 'best way'...then I go with that.

I've also been married the same number of years I've been teaching. Got married and got a job in the same year. I was lucky. You'd think I'd feel like I really knew what I was doing after teaching  AND being married that long. I have come to learn that the teachers I idolized and thought they were so cool, probably felt just like I do now. I know what I'm doing, but you never stop trying to get better and learning something new. I'm naturally curious, so my curiosity has become my ally in my teaching and in my

On another note...we had some excitement today.

The Blue Angels flew over our school this afternoon, which was a perfect day weather-wise. It's really hard to teach when they go 'booming' by. They zoomed past us and over us all afternoon.  It's so cool to watch them. They flew so low, it felt like the air was being pierced as they cut through it. My partner teacher and I decided to take our 3rd graders outside for a few minutes to watch them. The pitch was so high when they flew by us, some of the kids had to cover their ears. I think they did it on purpose because a ton of kids were outside waving at them. It was pretty cool for everybody. There's an air show in Smyrna this weekend so they're in town practicing.  One of the perks to teaching this close to the Smyrna Airport. 
This was them flying over school today. SO COOL! One of our teachers took this...We were as excited as the kids were. ;)

So that's been my excitement these past few weeks. Hope you guys have had great weeks since the challenge.
I need to make a schedule so I can remember to blog. I really liked the challenge of doing the A-Z blog posts. I may come up with something else to keep me motivated to blog more.   :)

For now...have a good one. :D


  1. Just stopping by to say HELLOOOOO!!

    I miss you. :)

  2. Hi ya Cher Bear! I know...I need to get on the blog circuit more often. :)