Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Writing ideas....Are there ever too many?

Wanted to say 'Hey everybody!' Hope y'all are all doing well. I've been out of commission on my blog due to work and writing and family and everything else.
On my mind lately as been all the ideas that spin around in my head like one of those tops you push up and down and it spins on the floor. That's my brain trying to choose one of those bazillion ideas to make my writing good enough to release out into the world.
I don't want to sound like I'm complaining about writing ideas that bombard my brain.....because its much better than being stuck and unable to write anything creative, but sometimes I just get so
The best way I can describe it is walking into Barnes and Noble...all those books.
All those choices....
When I'm writing, I have trouble reining in my brain. I write the plot in a direction...then after I've gotten in it a little, I change my mind. Because in my brain, it's not good enough or because it's just not quite right. Every time I change it, it feels like it gets better, but at some point, you have to decide to let it go and see what happens.
I haven't gotten that far yet because letting it go also takes courage. Courage I have yet to really feel. I know I'm going to get all these novels that I'm working on published at some point. I may just be 80 before it gets done.
I'd like to thank a friend, one of my 'goat sisters' for helping rein in my brain this week. She really understands how to keep me focused on the main plot and what's going on. Talking face to face via facebook and just talking instead of typing helps me a lot. We did some brainstorming and she mentioned something that completely felt RIGHT. Like on  the nose, OMG, I can't believe I didn't think of that, right. So Thank YOU so much Angela Cook for helping me screw my brain back on and get me pointed in the right direction to get my MS published.
Also, I'm SO proud and excited for her! She accepted a contract on her MS that I've read and LOVED!
Can't wait to hear what the title will be. She'll have to come visit and do an interview.

See y'all later!


  1. I think most writers feel that way, Red! To be honest, I sometimes wonder if our brains are wired differently. I seem to be like you, always daydreaming about new ideas...if "normal" people did that, nothing would ever get accomplished! LOL

    I'm glad you and Angela got some good brainstorming in--it always helps to have someone who GETS your work. I hope we both find agents who feel that way about our book babies one day :)

  2. What Owly said. ;)

    I'm a pantser so writing without a plot outlined beforehand sometimes make me go crazy--because I end up second-guessing my story and then my over active brain begins conjuring up different ways to tell the story. This is how most plot holes are born. :( Sometimes I have to remind myself to stick to the original, loose plot idea I started with, but of course, it never works that way.

    Anyway, good luck and happy blogging, my dear! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! You are just too sweet!!! I'm glad I can help you out, even though I don't do much... Like You said, I think it just helps to be able to hash things out "face to face" sometimes. :) I'm always here for ya, friend!

    p.s. I'm always up for an interview! Just say when :)

  4. Yay for Angela!! I totally understand what you mean, Suzanne. And I do think writers are subjected to a specific sort of crazy! We talk to the voices in our head, after all :)

    Good luck with the wip!

  5. Thanks ladies! Hearing this from you guys, some of the most fabulous writers I know, makes me feel a little less bonkers. I get so frustrated with all the directions my brain wants to go in. I really have tried to outline. I've even done a loose outline, like what Angela told me to do..write out things at the beginning of the chapter that you want to happen by the end of it. Sometimes, it works, but not usually...

  6. You can write and show what you can, what I always believe that you can do is really good with the ability and passion you have.