Monday, December 26, 2016

Wait----has it been a year already?????

The saying, "Time flies when you're having fun," just slapped me in the face when I opened up my blog.
I'm still in a little bit of shock that it's been a whole year since I posted on here. WHAT????

So what in the world did I do for the past 11 months that I couldn't get on here and write something down??

Okay, so here's a recap of why I may not have had time to post anything...maybe if I go month by month, I'll figure it out.
January:  2016--Nephew's birthday, Punkin' Pie (PP for short, because I have a feeling I'll be saying her name a lot), was 3 months old and keeping us busy. And it might've snowed some.
February:  Youngest turned 17. PP was 4 months old and still keeping us busy. Program at school.
March:  Nephew's birthday, Mom's birthday, PP 5 months old, started teething with no teeth. Program at school.
April:  I turned the big 5-0 and survived it. Surprise party from some school peeps. Really nice. PP 6 months old and scooting around. Crazy in our house.
May:  Oldest kiddo turns 22. Our 26th anniversary. School the month of May is INSANE with Talent show and end of the year stuff.  PP seven months old and starts pulling up on stuff. Now we have to watch her even closer. My partner teacher for the last four years left and went to a different school. So then I was going to have to find somebody new to work with the next school year. Major life adjustment.
June: Brother-in-law's b-day. Vacation to PCB. Took PP to the beach for the first time. She hated Vacation was still good. Hubs and daughter came home late one night with new tattoos, which turned out really nice. Went to a specialist about my hip/leg pain. Sciatic nerve is being pinched. Another reason I haven't been able to sit and write much. Hurt too much to sit for too long and carpal tunnel in both arms. Started physical therapy-helped a lot, but still battling it, even as I sit here.
July:  Nephew's birthday..Goat stampede to Savannah, GA. It was SO amazing to see the goats that got to come. So happy to spend a few days with them. I told them they feed my writer's soul and it is SO the truth. We spent some time talking about each other's writing style. They told me my writing was cinematic and very emotional. It was so cool hearing what other people thought about my writing style. I'd never thought about it before. I came back from there energized and raring to go. The only problem was with a baby in the house, it was taking all three of us to watch No time for writing and it still hurt to sit for very long.  Did interviews for my partner teacher position and one of my best friends steered me toward this kid that had done an interim at her school. I liked him automatically when I talked to him on the phone, so I hoped we would be able to get along well. When you have to spend 7 hours a day in a portable with another human, if you don't get along, you have a BIG problem.
Dad's birthday too...July was awesome and yucky at the same time. It really set in that I wouldn't be with my bud of the past four years and that was hard.
August:  School started and kept me even MORE busy. I feel like I've written the word BUSY about 100 times in this post already and we're just to August. Youngest has autism and has a social skills group she goes to. So we have that once a week. Baby was keeping us hopping. She was becoming more and more mobile as the days progressed. Crawling like LIGHTNING. Partner teacher working out great, thank goodness. Still missing the old one. We text at least a few times a week because she will always be one of my best buds. Another best bud's mom died. That was hard. But new ways of doing lesson plans was keeping me busy. Very busy. I think that's 102...
September:  Hub's birthday, oldest started college again. Going to a tech school and doing great and working. So proud of that kid. Stuff at school we had to stay after for, lesson plans, inservices, (teacher meetings), I'm starting to realize why I didn't cook much during the week during school....geez....can't hardly keep dishes and clothes washed and it's not even THAT busy yet.
October: Sis and sis-in-law's birthdays. Staying after school for parent-teacher conferences, PP started walking. Still no teeth. One of us has to watch her all the time because we're old and tired. Started planning for her birthday the first part of November and working on Halloween for youngest. Even though she is 17, she still expects to go trick-or-treating. Poured rain, so we didn't go to many houses.
November:  PP's first birthday. Took the whole month of October to clean the house. Not even an exaggeration. Did some every Saturday. Cake was done by a friend of mine. SO CUTE! Then we had to put our 6 year old cat to sleep. He was our gigantic furry baby. We cried a lot and buried him in the backyard. Then ten days later, our old 14 year old dog decided it was time for her to go too. Two animals in the same month. We buried her next to the cat. At least Thanksgiving would come and we would be busy again and could stop thinking about it.
December:  Another one of my besties lost her dad. Two friend's parents this year. Ugh. After the election and losing two pets as well, I decided this year wasn't the best, but our bright spot is always PP. She keeps us so busy, we forget the yucky parts. December in elementary school should be an Olympic event, under marathons. No lie. Any one that has a kid that age can tell you. December does. not. stop, until we're out of school. So for the three weeks after Thanksgiving, we are full steam ahead with three programs after school. That almost killed both of us and he's a LOT younger than me. Including our choir concert and a 4th grade program that included recorders. We've already said we're doing it differently next year.

So here we are...the day after Christmas. Sometimes, I still think I see the dog outside walking past the door on the patio. And I miss my big old, black and white furry kitty. Since I've had two different friends lose a parent, I feel fortunate to still have both of mine. PP is walking and talking and into every cabinet she can open. She is becoming very 'opinionated' She keeps us laughing and we love her SO much. She is the light in our lives for sure. She opened presents this year for the first time. That was so fun. We had a day filled with food and just being together. It was a great laid back day.

Now onto 2017....Things I know for sure will happen:

Oldest will graduate from tech school
Youngest will graduate high school
Donald Trump will be our president and that scares the hell out of me.
PP will talk her head off and we will enter a new level of having her own
We have 3 programs we have to do in the spring semester of school and the talent show. That won't be easy.
The next 5 months will zoom by faster than lightning and we'll wonder how we survived it.

Things I would LIKE to happen in 2017:

I've said this every year for the past 3 years, but come hell or high water SOMETHING I've written is getting published this year. Not sure how it will happen, but I want it to happen. Focusing on it.
I would LOVE to be in a position to retire in the next few years so I can write full time. Focusing on that as well. I need a way to self fund my insurance, so there's that. I'll be working until the day I
Both of my children, PP and hubs and my extended family to be healthy and happy this year.

So that's what I've been doing this past year. It did fly by. We had good and bad, but everybody does.
Here's hoping your 2017 will be awesome. :)

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