Monday, October 31, 2011

Gratitude warm-up part 2

Well, here it is, Halloween and I actually am done taking the kiddo trick-or-treating and still have time to post my gratitude list for the day.

1.  As my husband coughs and hacks in the other room, I have to say I'm grateful for my health. Being in my middle 40's, I have quite a few friends that have already had to deal with major health issues. Some have been diagnosed with diabetes, cancer,  high cholesterol or high blood pressure. They've had to alter their lifestyle completely and take meds for the rest of their life. While I am a lucky duck and still don't have to take anything on a regular basis. I am definitely grateful for that.

2.  My husband is watching American Chopper which is always kind of sad to me because here is a father that screams and yells at his kids all the time when they make him mad and then seems surprised when they yell and scream back. They're all adults and you'd think they'd figure out a different way to communicate. I'm grateful that, while my family is no where near perfect, we all get along. I think that's pretty unusual for a family anywhere, so I feel very grateful for that.

3.  I'm grateful for my daughter's physical abilities. She does have autism, so her mental capabilities are delayed, probably always will be. She's 12 and still likes to watch Nick Jr. and preschool shows sometimes. But when I see some of the kiddos at my school that will forever be wheelchair bound and probably not live a long life due to their illnesses, it makes me grateful she can walk, talk and run. Watching the joy in her as she ran from house to house tonight to get candy while she trick-or-treated was as much fun for me as it was for her.

4.  I'm grateful for my oldest daughter. She's grown into a fine young lady and I'm proud of everything she's accomplished. She made the cheerleading squad her freshman year when tons of girls tried out and only the best eleven made it. Then she moved up to varsity which she's on a squad of 27 this year. Being a junior on the squad, she's become a leader being at functions and working when she's not required to be there because it helps the squad. She's learned to work hard at everything she does. She missed making straight A's on her report card by 1 point this first grading period and I never have to nag her about getting anything done. She is WAY self-motivated. I love that about her. She will go far in her life because she can't stand to wait till the last minute to do things.

   I tried unsuccessfully to move these pictures next to each other...still need to work on that. Obviously..... In the top pic of cheerleader daughter, she's standing in three other girls' hands that are bouncing her up and down while she 'chops'. We're the Warriors....and we chop. ;) The bottom pic you can see all the arms holding onto her one leg. This move, while cool, freaks me out just a little.

So I guess I'll post number 5 right here and if I need to post another picture, it'll be at the bottom of the post.

5.  I think I'm going to save number 5 on every list for a person that I'm grateful for. I could make lists and lists of those...I guess that would kinda be like cheating, so I'll just do one a day. So the first person in my life I'm grateful for is the one who gave me life. My mom. I know everybody's mom doesn't do the best job raising them. I married one of those people, which makes me even more grateful for her. I'm grateful that she's ingrained that family should be a priority and that you should spend time together when ever you can. She still cooks Sunday lunch for us at least twice a month and we all get together and just talk around the table. It's wonderful. We feel connected because of her because she makes us a priority. What a great role model she's been. Loving, patient, and solid. I have to say....I'm grateful for my mom. :)


  1. What a beautiful post! So heartwarming and inspiring! Your daughters are beautiful. ;)

  2. Aw...thanks Cherie! Good luck on NaNo today!