Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gratitude Journal-Nov. 1

I wasn't sure what else to call these posts, so until I come up with something else, I guess that will do for now.

So...today's list:

1.  I'm grateful for my once a week trip to Barnes and Noble's cafe to meet my dear friend, Annie.

This is she and her son. Annie and I have a lot in common. I taught both of her kids at my school. Her oldest and my oldest are the same age. Her youngest and my youngest both have Autism. In this picture, he has on a CAPE shirt, which is the special needs sports league that both of our kids play in.  We started meeting at B&N during the summer for frappachinos and just to hang out because we had time. Now we make it a priority to meet once a week, just to talk. We talk about everything going on in our lives. She works in an elementary school like I do, so we have a lot in common there too. I think it's like a mini therapy session for both of us. We get to enjoy each other's company, bounce ideas off each other and we have a passion for Pumpkin Spiced Lattes! :)

2.  I'm grateful for the return of an old friend and the making of a new one. My friend, the PE teacher, has been out for 12 weeks. She just had a baby the day school started back and even though we saw her at school with the baby and bringing her oldest daughter to school, it wasn't the same as having her there every day. I've missed her. I'm so glad she's back. And the brand new teacher that did her interim while she was gone was also fabulous. We adopted her quickly and she became a part of our school family in the blink of an eye. But with the return of the old teacher, the new teacher had to leave us. We kept trying to figure out ways to keep them both, but no such luck. But we have made a permanent friend, where ever she goes, we were her first real teaching job and she won't ever forget us. I know we won't forget her.

3.  I'm grateful for hope. Sometimes that's all we have. My youngest had a hard day at school today. I got a phone call today from her resource teacher telling me she was disruptive in all her classes today. When I got home, I asked my daughter about it. When she's not in the heat of the moment, she can talk about what's bothering her, but when she's upset or frustrated, it's like her brain locks up and she doesn't have the words to say what's wrong. She told me her brain 'freezes'. That makes sense if you think about it. A kid that had a language delay most of their little life is likely to have that problem when they're older. So I told her to write down what's wrong if she can't say the words. I hope it helps. That's all I've got right now.

4.  I'm grateful for my job. Being an elementary music teacher is probably one of the most fun jobs ever...besides being the P.E. teachers. They have as much fun as we do. I walk up the wood wheelchair ramp that leads up to the music and art portables every day and I never dread it. I can't imagine having to work at a job that you hate. That would have to be one of the worst feelings in the world. My first class of the day this year is 1st grade. I love how they get so excited about EVERYTHING. Helps keep my perspective on what's important.

5. I'm grateful for one of my 5th grade students today. I'm not going to name him because this is the internet and it can be a scary place. But I have to say, this kid has made a turn around this year that I'm so proud of. I've been his music teacher since he was in Kindergarten, so I've watched him grow up. Until this year, he has been a bit of a .....what's a good word? ....'Stinker'  seems to fit. One of those kids that you correct when you see them doing something and they either flat out deny it, (even when you saw them) , they try to blame somebody else or they or they try to argue with you and justify it.
That drives me bananas when kids do that. This year, he's acting so different. I don't know why and it doesn't really matter...I just think it's great. I've told him too, but I think I need to tell him again before the week is over. He's playing a part on an instrument that's a little bit hard and he's really gotten it, so I've bragged on him for that too. I love to see kids improve and have a sense of pride about them. I hope it continues for him.
That's all for tonight. Hopefully, I'll have more tomorrow. :)


  1. What a lovely post! Being aware of what's important, and really taking the time to appreciate life, is a beautiful thing. Good for you!

  2. I love your Gratitude Journal. It's definitely good to take a moment to reflect on the things we usually take for granted in life and realize that we're grateful for those things. Maybe I'll do this too, but only weekly since I'm doing Nano. Thanks for sharing! You are one awesome lady and I'm grateful for you!