Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cold Rainy Days-Gratitude Journal Nov. 3rd

Today has just kinda sucked.
I don't have too many days that I can say that, but today just did. It rained and was cold all day. :P My daughter has not been doing well at school lately. Her behavior is getting out of hand. I don't know if it's hormones, (7th grade) or the fact that emotionally, she's more like a 7 year old and they don't do well with middle school kids. So there's that...
As I sit here bummed about those things, there are other things that I am grateful for.

1. I'm grateful for my partner teacher, Amanda. We get a long so well, it's almost ridiculous. ;) She's WAY younger than 20 year difference. I could be this girl's We both have very different brains which is why we do so well together. She's SUPER organized and I'm not, which keeps me on the straight and narrow. Since I'm more laid back, if something changes, I can usually go with it and completely change what I'm doing if I have to, she's not good with change. It kinda freaks her out, so I'm there to talk her down and keep her sane. Like I's the best partnership ever. I could've written a list of character traits and sent it up to Heaven requesting a partner teacher I could actually teach with and still wouldn't have gotten anybody as good as she is. She's the one the

2.  While I'm being grateful for people at school, I'll go ahead and say I'm grateful for my friend in the middle, Maribeth. We've taught together at our school for years and years. She's gotten me into Bunco groups and turned me into a Twi-hard, yep...I totally blame her! ;) She's that friend that will do whatever you need, whenever you need it. She's given me rides to school when my car was dead and I've picked up her mail when she's been out of town. Just an all-around fun person to know. Went to my first midnight premiere when Breaking Dawn came out at Barnes and Noble with her and now going to see the movie with her! It's just two weeks away and yes, we already have our tickets. Don't's just fun! :) This picture was taken at the midnight premiere of Eclipse! 1st midnight movie premiere I'd ever been too because it was in the summer.

3.  While I'm being grateful for people at work, I'll go ahead and give a shout out to my buddy Melissa.
 She's our next door neighbor art teacher. She's also in a leaky, falling down portable and loves it as much as we do because it keeps her off a cart. A natural talent in art for sure, if we ask her to make us a sign or something, she's always whipping something up that looks absolutely wonderful. She and I trade music likes back and forth and always enlighten each other on our newest favorite tunes. She introduced me to Pandora and has recently turned me onto the Civil Wars. We both share a love for 'The Ellen Show' and we talk about everything, which is cool. It's nice to have somebody to talk to and know they won't judge you and they keep your secrets. That's a pretty good friend to have.  She also has a Breaking Dawn ticket..;)
She's in her twenties too. I'm surrounded by

4.  I'm grateful for my warm house. On this nasty cold, rainy day, my house is warm. Can't get much better than knowing your family is safe and sound in a warm house. This is the only house we've ever lived in. Not too many people our age can say that. Usually, by now people have moved to a bigger house, but when we bought it, the upstairs wasn't finished, so we've just grown into it. I wish I could say it was paid off, but we've finished the upstairs and added a covered patio in the back, so that's taken about three refinances to get that done.

5.  I'm grateful for my warm cup of coffee I just drank and the warm chili I'm eating. We have more than enough food of which I am grateful for. In this day of everybody losing their job and not knowing where their next meal is coming from, I'm definitely grateful to have the money to buy what we need to eat.

6. This is a bonus since it was such a sucky day. I'm grateful for the sunrise I saw this morning. It was clouds of red and purple streaking over the horizon before the bus came to pick up Cass. Simply beautiful. And before the clouds rolled in, the sun shined on the fall leaves and it was a gorgeous sight. I guess because the storm clouds weren't too far off in the West making it a little darker than normal did the sun seem a little brighter when it came up. And today, instead of being in my portable, I was on the road going to an inservice, so I got to enjoy it.
Hope your day has been a good one and that you can think of some things or people in your life to be grateful for.


  1. That's a lot of good stuff! It's always so important to remember what makes life good and special. I hope your daughter starts having an easier time with it! Grade 7 can be tough for girls. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Jemi...You're right about 7th grade being hard. I think it's the hardest grade to get through, even when you're a typical kid. Throw Autism in the mix AND girl hormones...good grief.

  3. I'm grateful for this post. It's a great reminder of all the things & people who make our lives better daily. As for your daughter--7th grade SUCKS, period. It will get better :)

  4. Thanks Bethany...I hope so. I don't know if once she walks through the 'puberty door' that things will settle down or not. That's my biggest hope. But then we'll have to deal with that..definitely NOT looking forward to it.

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  6. (whoops)
    I have two girls. One 9, one 6. The 9 year-old got the best of each of our gene pools. She's got my thick hair and coloring (blue eyes) and her dad's long legs and lanky build. She'll either grow into a supermodel or a hooker--based on the clothing she WANTS to wear, it's looking like the latter. (Pray for Richard Gere!)