Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Kindle, Twitter friends, Cancer and Hugs-Nov. 2

I'm not sure I can keep up this pace every night by writing 5 things I'm grateful for, but then, in theory, we should be able to write an endless list.

So here's my list for today.

1.  I'm grateful for my Kindle. This thing, while not a fancy touch screen Kindle, has given me the opportunity to download books and not clutter up my house, which I desperately needed. My house is cluttered enough and bringing more books into it, would just make it worse.

2. I'm grateful for my writer friends I've made this summer on Twitter. The reason I even have this blog is because they told me I needed one. I'd started this back in 2009 and then just lost interest in it. Didn't really feel like I had anything to say that anyone would care about reading, so I just let it fall by the wayside. Then this summer, I started following writers and agents and have made some really great friends. They've encouraged me to the point where I guest posted on their blogs and even wrote three short stories this summer that I wouldn't have ever tried to write other wise without them pushing me to do it. So I'm thankful for my goat posse friends, but especially Cherie, A.M., Michelle, Anita, Jennifer and Jean They've encouraged me when I SO didn't think I had enough talent to hang with them at all. I linked their names to their awesome blogs so you can see just what I'm talking about.

3. I'm grateful that when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, the chemo pills worked and she didn't suffer with too many side effects and it hasn't come back. We just watched a documentary on this lady that was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a pretty rough go of it, but she survived. Her friend that she met during her treatment didn't. She was an African-American lady that didn't have insurance, so she was diagnosed too late.

4. I'm also grateful that my dad, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer this past year has had his treatment work as well, with little side effects, other than him being a little more tired than normal. I've got cancer on both sides of my family...maybe I should be paranoid.

5. I'm grateful for my husband's hugs. He's been sick and I've had to keep my distance, but today he felt good enough that he wanted to hold me for a minute. You don't realize how much you crave physical attention until it goes away. Even just for a few days, he was craving it by the time he got home from work today. Poor guy...he's felt like crap for about 4 days now. Hugs are good for your well-being I think. So I was glad he felt good enough to give me one.

I also realized in the car, that I haven't been to the gyno doc in a long time...I think it's been a year...going on two now..oops. I need to get on that and have a mammogram too.


  1. I'm grateful for your friendship, too, Ms. Hottie! <3 <3 <3

  2. Oh, you sweet lady! I'm grateful for you, too. And for all of my goatacular friends. :)

    Don't think I'm being snooty if you don't see me much for a month or so. I just got my SPLINTERED edits yesterday (they are FAB) and am going into deep revision mode.

    I'll pop on twitter when I can, but I won't be blogging much this month at all. Talk soon, and I'm SO glad your mom and dad are okay now. Don't be paranoid ... just live life to the fullest every day! #goatwub