Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day-9 Plot Directions

I'm debating about a part of the plot that came to me a couple of months ago.  When I was reading through the chapter, for about the hundredth time, I had an idea come to me.  I just started writing it to see where it went...When I was done, I realized that by adding this really cool plot twist, I had completely changed the circumstances in what was coming up in the next part of the book or series I should say.  I already knew the story pretty well, but now I've added a dynamic that will change everything else.

I'm not afraid of rewrites...I do them and edit all the time.  Sometimes I rewrite a paragraph, sometimes I take out a whole page or pages or just rework a sentence.  The goal is to try and keep the story as concise and still be interesting enough to keep reading it as possible.  I hope in all this I'm becoming a better writer.  That's the goal anyway...
I've done this enough times now that I know to do whatever rewrite on a different page, that way if I go back later and think..."What was I thinking" I don't have to worry about losing what it was before.  I like to keep everything I've written just to go back sometimes and see what I was thinking.  Just because I didn't use it in the story I'm writing currently, doesn't mean I might not be able to use it later.  
But this one plot twist...I just can't decide.  It involves one of the characters well....she goes through a 'life-changing' experience.  Just not sure whether to keep it or chuck it.  I could go ahead and tell you what it is, but at some point if you read this and then my book actually does see the light of day and becomes published, I don't want to ruin it for you...
I just wish I could decide for sure what I want to do...hmm.....

When I decide what to do for sure....I'll let you know..

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