Monday, February 21, 2011

Day-10 Distraction Monster

The Distraction Monster...I fight him daily.  Not sure how many of you are like this, but keeping my attention to one thing can be a challenge most of the time.  When I'm writing something for the first time, like a new plot twist or something completely different, I can stay at it for a good chunk of time.  If I'm editing or going back over to look for mistakes, I get distracted...a lot.  So much so, that sometimes I completely avoid the task altogether.  If I'm going to be doing this for a living one of these days, I've got to get over that...
Twitter and Facebook keep me distracted.  In my defense, I have learned a TON of information by following authors and agents.   They are a great resource for writing information.  There are always links to really informative articles and blog posts that I have bookmarked and learned from, so sometimes I count scanning all the 'tweets' as writing research.  I need to learn about writing as much as I need to write.  Both will make me better...I just feel guilty when I hear Diana Gabaldon's voice saying she writes every day.
I need to write every day...even if it's just a little...but I haven't written in several days....thus...the guilt.
So, this is me...trying to get back on track
Battling the distraction monster that lurks on the web and jumps on me at any turn where my brain might be the least bit unchallenged...sometimes it jumps on me when I'm too challenged...I'm just looking for that safe place where there's a happy medium.

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