Saturday, August 13, 2011

More Blog Awards

Now, I've finally found some time to award 3 more deserving peeps two blog awards.  I love giving awards.  I present awards on 'Awards Day' at school because all of the 'co-curricular' teachers as the administration calls us, know all of them.  So we can pronounce everyone's name for the most part.

So, onto the Award bestowing!

I give the Blog on Fire and Leibster Blog Award not only to @Riley Redgate, and @JLeaLopez (thier twitter aliases), but also to:

Robert K. Lewis at Needle City.  If you're looking for crime/suspense or noir, Robert is your man.  He also has an affinity for red wine and Brandy Beans.  Before the year is out, he will become more familiar with a southern delicacy known as the 'Goo-Goo Cluster', since being a non-southerner, he had no idea what one was.  I'm all about educating people, especially anyone who has never experienced the sugar-induced coma of a Goo Goo.  Robert also tweets @robertklewis.

I also want to give these two awards to a blog that's actually several completely awesome writer/mentor/friends, who I respect.  I listen to EVERYTHING they say because they are just that smart.  Their blog From the Write Angle always has great information for writers regardless of where they are in their writing journey.  They tweet @WriteAngleBlog.  If you don't subscribe to this blog and you're a writer, you need to.  Go there now.  Follow them on Twitter.  Learn much.

I also want to give these two prestigious blog awards to Dawn G. Sparrow at  Write Away.  She's just beginning to stretch her 'writerly' wings in public, which is a H-U-G-E step.  She's got the support of the #goatposse behind her, so there's no way she can fail.  Love ya' Dawn! :)  She also tweets @DawnGSparrow  Follow her and all the rest of my award winning peeps!  You can't go wrong with this crew.

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  1. Congrats to the awardees! And to you, our lovely hostess. :) Missing you, Suzanne! I hope work is going well.