Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spotlight on my Twitter friends-Anita Grace Howard

     Since school has started and my focus, which in the summer was all about writing, has now had to turn to all about writing lesson plans and teaching.  I made so many great Twitter friends this summer, I can't even count them all. I miss talking and 'tweeting' with them in the mornings.  That's when most of the twitter fun can be had.  Sometimes sporadically during the day as well.  One of my favorites is a member and Goat Goddess of the "Goat Posse".  Anita Grace Howard. 
     She finds the funniest pictures of Goats I have ever seen.  SO FUNNY!  She never ceases to bring a smile to my face and most of the time a full on 'Laugh out Loud' with her wit.  Her kindness goes beyond measure.  Even though I'm not on when the rest of the 'Goat Posse' is on, she or one of my other faithful buddies, includes me in the tweeting fun and I can go back after school and read what craziness went on for the day.

Besides the fact that she's such a great person, she also has a great blog.  She blogs at A Still and Quiet Madness, which there is a link for on my blog.  She has bestowed on me the honor of the "Leibster Award" for up and coming blogs.  I am truly grateful that there are not one, but two great bloggers that think I'm worthy for this award:  Dean C. Rich, and now Anita!  I thank you, Anita, Goat Goddess extraordinaire for my blog award.

Anita's book, Splintered, has also been picked up and will be published in spring of 2013.  She's living the dream!  I'm so proud of her accomplishments because she is a crazy-talented writer that has worked on this for 7 years.  She always encourages me and she's inspired me to keep going.  I figure it'll take me 10 years, but that's ok.  It will happen for me.  I just can't give up.

As long as I have my "Goat posse" to fall back on and lift me up when I feel like I want to quit, I know I'll make it some day.  So I wanted to give her a special shout-out, since she's such an all around great person to know.
She tweets at @aghowardwrites .  Go and follow her.  Great things are about to happen with her and you can say, "I follow her on twitter.  What a great lady." 


  1. Aww, Suzanne, you brought such a huge smile to my face today! Thank you! And we sure do miss you in the mornings. But isn't fun that we can still "tweet" each other, even if there is a bit of a time delay? Twitter is AWESOME for that. And to think, I REALLY hesitated joining twitter. Now I'm so glad I did! Because otherwise, I would never have had all this fun with you and the #goatposse!

    And I'm so glad you're going to keep at your writing dream. You never know, you might hit it in seven years or less! :) But you've already got the winning attitude. So you'll get there, for sure. Thanks again! And you're very worthy of the award!