Friday, August 19, 2011

What a week...

I'm tired.  This is my 22nd year of teaching.  We've gotten all of our Kindergarteners in school now.  Today was the first day we had EVERYBODY.  It's always an adjustment for the kids, the teachers and the parents.  I teach all the grades since I teach music, but we have to teach them rules of our classroom and how to follow them like their classroom teachers do.  It definitely takes a village in an elementary school to teach these kiddos.

Even though Kindergarteners are hard the first few weeks of school, I love them.  When I say 'hard', I mean...there are some tears, some want to run away, some are just mean as snakes because they haven't been taught not to be ..that kind of stuff.  But after a few weeks, they start to figure things out.  What I love the most is how innocent they are and how they are like little sponges ready to learn everything.  I have another music teacher friend who said once, "You can ask a Kindergartener any question and they always know the answer."  That is so true.  They crack me up with some of the things they say. 

Stuff like, "My mom has amonia'.  Or "She kick-ted me"...I speak fluent Kindergartener if you haven't noticed.  Sometimes I feel like I'm a translator for my younger partner teacher, which I think is hilarious.  She hasn't been teaching as long and hasn't had any kids of her own yet.  Can't wait til she has some. :)

The only downside to teaching Kindergarteners is they wear me out.  Your energy level teaching any grade has to be high, but teaching Kindergarten and first grade has to be EVEN HIGHER.  We move A LOT when they come to my room.  Sometimes so much that they say. "I'm tired."  But I appreciate them and love seeing the wonder of the world around them through their eyes.  I love teaching them because I know I'm the first music teacher they will ever have.  Makes me feel special.  I really love how they believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy and how ridiculously excited they get in October because Halloween is coming up.  I've seen kids whole classrooms of kids 'vibrating' with excitement the day before a big holiday.  It's so funny to watch.  It used to freak me out because I'd try to fight it and keep them under a tight rein, when I should've been seeing their excitement and understanding what was going on.  That was when I was young though.  I've figured it out now.

But, boy am I tired....


  1. Hang in there, hon. You're an amazingly patient teacher. ;) I bet the kids will remember you even years after. I know I still remember my kindergarten teacher. You're making a difference in their lives, and that's the best reward ever.

    wub you, goatgirl!

  2. Suzanne, just by what little I know of you, I can tell you'd be a fun and kind/sweet teacher. The VERY best kind. :) Those kiddos are so blessed to have you. Oh, and wow. How i miss the Santa Claus / Easter Bunny / Halloween Dress up days. Sigh...

  3. Thanks goat girls. :) I do feel privileged teaching them. I even have two former students who are now adults following this blog. Highest compliment in my book. :)

  4. Awww! Wittle kids LOL I studied Secondary Education so I tip my hat to you. Only saints have the patience to work with Kindergarteners!

  5. YOU ARE AWESOME! Anyone who can spend a whole day with a bunch OPK's (other people's kids) is a five-star general in my book. I bow down--praise, praise, the great Suzanne. #Goatergardener

  6. Bethany--you're crackin' me up! #Goatergardener! That's a hoot! How about that, AM? It's a #Hothoot! LOL. I love ya'll!