Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CAPE--Challenged Athletes Playing Equally

My youngest daughter has autism, just in case you're reading this and didn't already know that. Luckily, in our very own town, we have an organization called C.A.P.E. that we are proudly a part of.

CAPE stands for Challenged Athletes Playing Equally. This organization is non-profit and is the brain-child of Rick Ryan. He was an accountant that coached baseball for 20 years in our county. Over his years of coaching, he noticed special needs kids, usually a brother or sister of one of his players, that would stand at the chain link fence and watch. They never got the chance to play and he thought that was a terrible waste. After years of that fact bothering him, he decided he wanted to do something about it and CAPE was born.

Through CAPE, my daughter has found friends she can play sports with in an understanding and modified environment. They play basketball, soccer, baseball, bowling, and hockey and just LOVE it. It has brought her more confidence and gives her some much needed exercise once a week.  
Here is my daughter playing basketball a two seasons ago. She's learned to dribble, pass and shoot. She makes baskets a lot of the time too. :)

They have a short documentary on their website www.capetn.org. I'm excited about it because my daughter and I were interviewed along with some of our great CAPE friends.

The only downside is listening to me talk...I hate that...;)


  1. What a wonderful program! We don't have anything like that here. :( I think my girl could really have benefitted, if nothing else than the friendships. I'm off to see the documentary. Thank you for sharing this!

    P.S. Your girlie is precious!

  2. Thank you! I'm sure she's like yours, definitely a hoot..;)It has been a wonderful thing for both of us. We have a group of friends that Cassidy can play sports with and I am friends with a lot of the parents and coaches. It's such a great community for both of us. :)