Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Focus!

So here we are...2012.
All the 'end of the world movies' have been playing a lot lately. The end of the world was supposed to be in 1999, if anybody remembers that New Year's Eve...it was a big one. We all thought the world would crash and blow up when the calendar flipped over to 2000.

And look at us...we survived.

I'm not saying it's not coming...we'll blow up eventually....or freeze or something. Probably warm up too much the way Global warming is, but for today, since that's all we have anyway, I'm going to work on my book(s)

I have a serious writer friend @JWDreamkeeper critiquing my manuscript, so my focus has sharpened. When I say 'serious' writer friend, I mean, she actually knows what she's doing and is giving me some freakishly awesome advice. Her eyes can pick out mistakes a mile away, and believe me-there are plenty. So I have a fire lit under me again. Editing is SOOOOOO hard. I get bored looking at the same chapters over and over, but it has to be done.
Right now, she's actually getting my first draft of everything, because I had to start over... again. But lucky for me writing is a skill and the more I do it the better I'll get.

So this post is to tell everybody I'm fired up again about writing. I never completely lost my writing spark, but I felt like I was treading water instead of moving forward. I feel like I'm moving again and it feels FANTASTIC!

So I wanted to give a shoutout to @JWDreamkeeper for offering to help me. She's doing this out of the goodness of her heart, which I SO appreciate. She has NO idea how much she's helped me so far. So, this is her plug.

You need to click on her Twitter name and check out her blog. I've linked her blog on here twice, just in case you missed it the first time.
If you're on Twitter and you like writers or just really great people, you need to follow her. She is awesome...:)

Happy 2012!


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  2. Yay for you! I'm so glad you're all fired up and gearing to write again. ;) Sometimes, we just find ourselves in a slump (like I am lately with my writing), but I never worry for too long because I always know that the muse will eventually come back. It's just the way life is. We have our ups and downs, however cliche that may be. Keep that fire going, Red, and good luck!!!

  3. WAHOO! Virtual toast to you and your fired up attitude. Like you, I've been blessed with a very wise and intuitive author friend who critiques me beautifully. I'm nearly done w/my WIP, and, like you, am eager for what lies ahead. May 2012 bring us wonderful, exciting things--without freezing us in the process :)

  4. Thanks Bethany! I hope so. Staying focused for me is a HUGE challenge. My ADD brain is constantly fighting with me to do something else if I get the least bit stuck. Drives me crazy. Makes me work slower when I have to deal with the TV being on too, but the kitchen table is the only place I can sit for long periods of time without my body killing me. lol #oldwoman