Friday, January 20, 2012

Congrats to my friends!

I've talked about these 'writer people' I hang out with on Twitter before on this blog. They are a creative, talented, fun group of writers and I'm so glad to know all of them. I have some congratulations to hand out and a plug for both of their blogs because they are both awesome people and I think you should know them.

The first is Anita Grace Howard. She mainly writes YA and adult fantasy with a romantic slant. That sounds really good because they're her words, not mine...;) I think she's had an agent the whole time I've known her and has been working on her book "Splintered" for awhile. She disappeared off of Twitter for a few months to work on edits to give to her agent and then ....BAM! It happened. She got the 'CALL' a few months ago and 'Splintered' will be on the shelves in Fall of 2012!  She will soon be able to say she has a book on the shelves in bookstores. How cool is that??? Her blog is 'A Still and Quiet Madness' and she Tweets @aghowardwrites. Follow her...she's lovely and wonderful. :)

My other congrats goes to another Twitter writer buddy of mine: Robert K. Lewis. He tweets @robertklewis and writes crime fiction and noir. He got 'The Call', as he wrote on his blog, 'Needle City' today! Coolest thing ever! I think if I keep hanging around all these published authors, it's bound to happen to me sooner or later, right??? He said he's been working for 8+ years on getting published, so to finally hear that it's actually happened is still surreal for him. I think I'd be walking around in shock for a while too, if it were me.
I'm so proud of both of my friends and I hope when their books come out, you will buy one or both. Since they're my friends, I'm promising to both of them I'll buy a hardback copy of their books because I love them both as people, but also because I know their stories will be good. Their work will be great because they constantly strive for perfection in their writing.
All their hard work has finally started to pay off and it is SO exciting to me to see my friends succeed!
I'll keep you posted on the dates of when their books come out so you can order them too. :)

Cheers to Anita and Robert! *holds up wine glass full of Beringer to toast with* Well...from this picture, looks like I already drank
**Clink**  :)


  1. You sweet lady! Thank you so much for the shout out, Suzanne. And you WILL be successful, too. Not because you hang out w/us, but because you also strive for perfection, plus, you got the talent, yo! :) This was such a wonderful surprise! And now I'm off to check out Robert's blog. BTW, I can totally relate to how surreal it feels for him. It's taken me seven years to get here. ;)

  2. Hahaha! You are so funny! Lucky seven...that's what I'm shooting'll take me at least that long, if not longer. But I'm willing to wait for it because I've got friends like you that inspire me not to give up. :)

  3. Hooray! Congrats to these two! I know they deserve their success. And don't worry, Red, you'll get there, too. ;)

  4. Congrats to Anita and Robert! And Red, I totally agree with cherie ^ It'll happen for you, too :D

  5. Dude, I am RUNNING to the bookstore when Anita's book comes out. And thanks for sending us to investigate Robert. There is good news in this world....

  6. Thanks for stopping by my lovely goat girls. :) I can't wait to have both of their *hopefully* signed hardback copies of their books! So exciting when it happens to people you know. LOVE IT!