Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Having Trouble

I remember how fired up I was about writing when January started. Then school started back and my time dwindled down to nothing...again.
It drains the force that drives me to write and then I feel like everything that appears on the computer screen is crap. Just feels like it's all crap.

So....what to do....delete it and start over ....again. It's not the first time and it won't be the last.

I've been SO distracted for the last few weeks. I've been having to teach writing to a 5th grade group of students, which I've NEVER done. With little or no direction, I had to just wing it and get ideas from people that have done it. Thank the Lord for Debra and Maribeth, two of my old teacher buddies.

So now that's over and I can go back to my regular third graders I was working with before. Tomorrow will be the day the 5th graders take their writing prompt. The way the new state teacher evaluations are run, a percentage of our evaluation comes from how well these kids do on their writing prompt. Can I just say that the pressure is on like never before? I had three weeks to help these kids raise their score. Will they remember anything we talked about??? It's completely out of my control now, but it still is disheartening to think, if  a kid has a bad morning or doesn't get to eat breakfast, that they may rush through it or hardly write anything at all because they don't like the prompt.

5th grade boys can be like that...."I had to write about being a raindrop--that's so stupid"...true quote.

I can't do anything else about it now...I just hope I helped a few of them. I'm hoping now that all the writing group stuff is over, maybe my brain will be a little less distracted and my mood will improve too.

Seems like lately I've been battling the yuckiness of depression. Too many clouds and not enough sun, I think has been the culprit.
We'll see how February goes....stay tuned.

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