Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 2--Snow

     I'm already a day behind...oh well....I'll still do 365 posts...they may not be every day....but I'll do them. This is me showing my age and lack of memory sometimes.. I the only adult that turns into an eight-year-old every time the weather people forecast snow?  I live in Middle Tennessee.  Here, for the most part, really good snowstorms are few and far between.  I LOVE to watch it snow.  I don't know why.  I think it has to do with the peacefulness of it.  Most people, adult types, just roll their eyes. We don't get enough snow here to have an official 'blizzard'.  So I never see the snow as threatening...other than not being able to drive, it's usually just fun to play in and then in a day or two, it melts enough that we can get around again.  When snowflakes fall, they seem so happy to me.  Like they're dancing around and so happy to land in my yard and on all my stuff.  When we have a wet snow, the 'snowman making/sticks to everything' kind of snow, that's my favorite.  The last snow we had here was on Wednesday and it was that kind of snow.  All the trees looked like they'd been sprinkled with powdered sugar.  Every intricate branch of every tree was magnified and it changed all the dead trees to lacy, detailed, happy creations.  I wished I could've taken pictures while I drove.  There were some beautiful sights here this week. 

     I guess because I'm also a teacher and if it snows an inch here, the roads get pretty slick and the powers-that-be cancel school.  So I'm lucky enough not to ever have to drive in it.  We have a lot of 'back' roads or less traveled, hilly and curvy roads, which cause us to get out of school quite a bit if it snows.  Since our tax base has increased from fairly rural to being one of the fastest growing counties in the state, we now have salt trucks and even a few plows.  Something we didn't have just a few years ago, so we may get out less days than all the other rural counties around us, but it's a big county so we're lucky to get out at all.  After seeing all the snow in Washington DC, we're lucky that we don't have to deal with feet of snow...only inches.  This winter, Washington's getting buried.  If I lived somewhere like that, I'd be jaded too.  We get just enough to be pretty without being too obnoxious although we've used 7 snow days this year which is more than we've used since 1995-1996 school year.  Since we're in the South, we have to deal with melting and refreezing on the second day of a snowstorm.  Usually, the sun comes out and melts most of it the next day.  We were fortunate enough to have below freezing temps and no sun for several days this month when it snowed 5 inches here.  That was worth 4 snow days.  Like I said, we're lucky.

     So, the next time it snows, and you can't stand it because you have to drive in it, take a moment to look at how beautiful it is when it falls.  Remember me...I'll be running back and forth between the front door and the back door, trying to take pictures or video of it snowing or just standing at the glass doors in the kitchen watching it fall and being mesmerized by it.

 This is my daughter during our first official snow day of 2011.  :)  She's doing the 'We're out of school" cheer.  She's a cheerleader...:)

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