Friday, January 14, 2011


I was just on one of my favorite writer's websites:  Those people are extraordinarily gifted as well as some of the nicest 'writer types' I've ever talked with.  Always helpful and super knowledgeable..

Got some great advice tonight about query letters and it completely clicked with me.  Query letters shouldn't be more than 250 words.
This letter is your 'application' for an agent to look at to say, "hmm....that looks like a writer I might be able to sell"....or 'nope/delete/next'
which is what happens to the majority of the letters they get in a day/ week or even in a month... they have an average of 10,000 queries a year and maybe will have 2 new clients out of them  2....those odds stink. a writer, your job is to get noticed...plain and simple.  Your book, if you want it to be picked up by an agent and hopefully sold, has to be strong enough in characters and plot to get this small task done.
Tonight, got some great advice.
Your query letter, no matter if you have 1 or up to 4 main characters, should only be about the one MAIN character.  About their own journey through the book.  The query isn't meant to tell the whole story.  It's just a 'sneak peek'....just like a movie trailer shows you some of the coolest parts of a movie so you'll want to see it.  The query works the exact same way.  Except movie companies have professionals editing their trailers to look and sound wonderful and exciting.
Your query only has're the only one that knows your book and knows it well enough to write the query.
Limiting yourself to THE MAIN CHARACTER in the book...sounds almost impossible, but the more I think about it, the more sense it makes. sit down and work on it to see how it goes....I really have a good feeling about this....I hope it's not a false sense of security!  :)

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