Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year!

This is one of those very special days that hardly ever come along as far as the calendar goes, but other than that, it's been a relaxing Saturday at our house.  No major historical happenings going on.  We've watched a 'Jaws' marathon and laughed at the 3-D effects in the third one...other than that...pretty calm day.

I thought I'd post something on this historical day, just so I can go back and say....oh date...:)
As far as writing is going, I'm editing and rewriting  stuff all the time.....I fight the distraction monster constantly...
I took a test on Dr. Oz's show the other day to show if you probably need to get tested for ADHD...out of 20 points, if you had more than 15 you needed to get tested or you most likely were ADHD....I was a 17...I knew I had it...I've known it for a long time.  They said a lot of adults that have it end up getting divorced because it turns into a parent/child relationship.  Where one person is the 'parent'--constantly having to remind or 'nag' the other person to do this or that.  Loses patience with the other person because they forget things all the time....
In 2009, I was getting there.  I'd been married 19 years, and I was just about done with feeling like I was such an idiot...or being made to feel that way every time I made a mistake...I'd heard Dr. Phil say that his wife, Robin, was his 'soft place to fall'.  I didn't feel that way with my spouse, which was a red flag to me.

I've become more verbal since then, and it's helped.  I've told my husband when he makes me feel that way, and he's gotten a lot better about it, but I was inching really close to asking for a divorce around December of last year.
I'm glad I didn't.  I'm glad I stuck it out, because our relationship has gotten better from a year ago.
I think it's only because I decided I was done putting up with stuff and started standing up for myself.  If he hadn't liked it, then he could leave, which he did not want either.
So we made it through our 20th year of marriage and Greg always says, "We're almost to 21"....
I'm thinking I want to give year 20 as much credit as possible, but he wants to move forward and look toward number 21.
So here we are, the first day of 2011, in pretty good shape, I hope we have a good year full of life, love, health for us and our family and friends and happiness.

Cheers to your new year!

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