Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Friday

It's so funny how during the school year, Friday is a magic day...

At our school, it's jean day for the teachers, which we can't wait for. I'd wear jeans and a t-shirt (a nice one) every day if they'd let me.

It's usually the day they have parties.
It's always a Pajama/reward day for somebody's class somewhere. Usually if they meet a reading goal or something like that, the little kid teachers will have a pajama day.
The Friday before  a holiday is usually nothing short of madness. The kids are vibrating with excitement ALL day and it's a battle to keep them in some kind of order so we can teach them something before they leave us for a vacation.

And then summer comes....and Friday is just another day.....

Can't wait for summer.....:) but I miss Fridays being special. I'm torn for school to end in May.

But not that torn....


  1. Fridays in my daughter's school are short days, too. So yeah, we get pretty happy when Friday comes around. :)

  2. Short days? You mean they get out of school early? EVERY FRIDAY??? How long is their school day?
    We go from 7:30-2:30...curious. I would love to get out early every Friday.