Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for....Oscar the Grouch

Being from the 'Sesame Street' generation, when that was one of the very few kid shows on TV, one of my favorite muppets was Oscar the Grouch. I loved his voice and I always thought he was funny. I even had an Oscar puppet that I played with until his eyes came off. I loved Ernie too, by the way...
It makes me a little sad that Sesame Street has survived this long, but my own kids never would watch it.
It wasn't like I didn't try, but by the time my kiddos came along, there were so many more channels and kids programming to choose from. Much to my chagrin, they both gravitated to Barney. Some cosmic cruel joke, since me and my husband swore we'd never allow the obnoxious purple dinosaur into our home, after seeing the show in one of our friend's houses. Later on, we ended up spending quite a bit of money on a live show to go see Barney for a then three year old. The sacrifices we make for our kids.

However, my youngest, whose mental age is around 6 or 7 still loves to watch Blues Clues. Steve and Blue are still a part of our family,  which is okay with me.


  1. Hello, Suzanne! My parents didn't allow much TV time and we didn't have cable when I was growing up, so I definitely remember Sesame Street! It was one of the few shows my siblings and I were allowed to watch when we were little. I also liked Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and Shining Time Station (which is Thomas and Friends now, I think?).

    Have a lovely week and happy A to Z!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Laura! I loved Mr. Rogers too.. Can't beat PBS..:)

  3. I loved Oscar! I had a stuffed animal of him for years and years! My kids loved Sharon Lois and Bram the most - but SS was up there too :)