Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for .....hmm...

I thought it would be a huge cop out to use Payne...since that's my last name. That would be way too easy.
And then I thought about how my kids at school call me Mrs. Payne. They bring me pictures that they've drawn for me and the way they spell Payne is so funny.
Here are just a few examples:  Pain, Pan, Pae, Payn...the list goes on and on. So cute.

Pony--I didn't actually have a pony growing up. My next door neighbor and a pony named Trixie. How I can remember that pony's name and not remember where I put my keys on a daily basis, I have no idea. I had another neighbor down the road from me that allowed me to ride their pony, Copper. That pony was the prettiest reddish brown color. He was the color of a copper penny. He and I matched pretty well except for the summer when my hair had more blonde in it.

Pity--Why is it that every time I hear this word, it's used by some British villain ? I don't know anyone that uses this word in regular conversation...maybe because I live in the south. I don't have anything against the word. It just feels a little too proper for me. Instead of saying 'pity' we say 'feel sorry for' ...I guess....It's an interesting observation to me.

Penguin--One of my kids came through here this morning with a sparkly Penguin shirt on. I think it was a 'Happy Feet' shirt. From a distance, penguins are cute. Flat out cute. Ellen mentioned on her show yesterday (yes, I love Ellen--who doesn't?) penguins smell really fishy. That makes sense since they eat fish all the time and swim in 'fishy' water. Jason Mraz was on her show talking about going to Antarctica and doing shows for the people up there and seeing all the penguins. He said something like, you just don't think about what that many penguins smell like'. I didn't either until he mentioned it. The experience would be surprising if you weren't prepared for it for sure. And stinky...


  1. PONIES! One of my favorite stories as a girl was about ponies, and I wish I could remember the name...but I can't :( Still, thinking back to that picture book makes me smile even today. Thanks for the reminder ;)

  2. I love Ellen too!
    Happy A-Zing!

  3. My granddaughter has talked about penguins, because her daddy likes penguins. What she really wants to know is where can we buy a penguin to eat??! Her daddy's girl.