Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A-Z Challenge

D is for …….Dang, it’s hot

I live in the south and it’s usually hot here. In July and August. This is April and it was 91 degrees on Monday. Yep, 91—that’s not a misprint.
We had a record breaking March and now we’re on track for April to go down the same road. It’s a little weird seeing all the dogwood trees blooming along with everything else and it be this hot. I’m a professed weather nerd, so this stuff interests me, but it’s also a little scary. 

At any given time, if it’s this hot and a cold front decides to trek this direction from Canada…we usually get screwed…as in tornadoes-forming-on-top-of-our-heads-screwed. Like Texas.

Hopefully, all the cold air will just hang out in the north and we won’t have to worry about it…



  1. I feel like we've skipped winter here in UT, it was so mild. We don't usually plant gardens till after Mother's Day, but I've already got stuff in, and so do the neighbors. Weird.

    Nice to meet you on this a-z challenge. Have a great week. :)

  2. EEK! 91 is summer temp, not spring. Good thing I don't live there right now. I'm already hot and today was only 75.

  3. We do get heat lightning. Usually when it's hot at night..July...August..sometimes June too. This hotness in April and March is crazy.

    Thanks for stopping by MTeacress! '

    I know Cherie...I'd be melting right now if I was preggers...

  4. I love me some heat lightening! It was always beautiful back in Florida...

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  6. 'm so jealous! I wish it was hot here. Day to day we never know what the weather will bring and really it isn't a daily thing. Our weather currently is changing on an hourly basis.

    little piece of aloha