Saturday, April 14, 2012

Letter M ...This is tough one...

This A-Z challenge has been pretty easy for me until now. For some reason, 'M' is giving me a run for My Money! So I'm going to write down some random 'M' words because I'm tired and pressed for time this morning....

Massachusetts--A state I've never been to, but would like to travel there one day. There are so many historical things I want to see there, so it's on my bucket list.

Melbourne--Another place on my bucket list I want to visit. At some point in my life, when I have more money than I do now, I want to take a trip to Australia and Melbourne is on my list of places to see. After Oprah went there on her last season, I really thought the town was beautiful, so that's on my list.

Melissa--I have several friends named Melissa. One who's the art teacher at my school and works with me and my partner teacher every day and one who I've known since she was about 14. She's now grown, married and a new mommy. Which I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to watch her grow into a fine woman and a great special ed. teacher. Here's my art teacher friend Melissa.
 Here's new mommy Melissa at her rehearsal dinner with her family, which I also adore. :)

Mickey--Well, the obvious is Mickey Mouse, but I also have a cousin named Mickey. I was three when he was born and I've felt like I should be his protector ever since. We used to see each other more, but we live in different towns and so our meetings have become few and far between. But I love him just the same.

And now it's off to baseball with my youngest. Hopefully it'll be warm! :)


  1. Picture of Melissa to come, but I have to hit the road for now.

  2. Thosea re good Ms! It's funny how some of the easy letters can cause us grief! :)

  3. I know Jemi, I thought the same thing when nothing was popping in my brain as quick as the others have.

  4. N is giving me grief, actually. I'm still trying to decide what to write for N.

    Good M post, hottie! Have fun at the baseball game. :)

  5. How about Nautical...I just watched your videos from your 'M' post and the ocean was in there.. made me think of it. :D