Monday, April 2, 2012

Whoops! Almost forgot!

I almost forgot to post my B for today....

Luckily, I'd already thought of something.

B is for...........Better Blogger

This is me trying to be a better blogger. This isn't actually me in the picture...but you get the idea. Haven’t had a lot of time lately and I have a bit of a perfectionist streak that keeps me from doing things sometimes. So I thought if I took on the A-Z challenge, I could blog a little bit every day and help me establish more of a habit.

My memory has gotten so bad, I’m afraid I’ll forget to post, so I have friends that are doing it too that can remind me. I get in the middle of life and forget every little thing…very frustrating.
Hopefully, this will help me blog better…stronger…faster…;) *cue Six Million Dollar man music*


  1. You can rebuild it... Was that how it went??? I loved that show :) You'll be great!

  2. Thanks ladies...I'm diggin' this so far. I visited and started to follow some new blogs yesterday. Today, I have a new is pretty cool! :)
    I just LOVE writers!

  3. I'm counting on you remembering to blog, Red! Otherwise I won't have anything to read late at night ;)