Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Horses

I LOVE horses and love to ride. I rode a lot growing up, but my husband was a ‘city boy’, so no horses or land for me. Besides the fact that neither of us really knew how to take care of a lot of land. When we first got married, we did good to keep our grass mowed. We also didn’t have the money to pay the property taxes, so we ended up in a house across the street from a pasture with cows.
That works for me. I can stand on my porch and pretend to see myself riding from one end of that at least 50 acre lot to the other.  
But I miss it.
I miss sitting up on top of an animal that is allowing me to tag along as he/she runs full blast through a field or taking a leisurely stroll down a wooded trail.
I love them. I love the way they smell--not the poop smell, the way their fur smells. I’m not sure how to decsribe it, but horses smell different from any other animal I’ve ever been around.  I love the leather smell of their bridles and saddles and how the softness of their noses feel like velvet. I love their big eyes and the low sounds they make in their throat when they’re ‘talking’ to you.
I have a story I’m working on where the girl rides horses. I loved writing what all that feels like. It was not quite as good as being on the back of a horse, but it was awfully close.


  1. I used to ride horses in high school! It was a blast.

    Cute post :)

  2. Thank you darling! Rode all my life, until I got married...haven't ridden much since. It kills me that my kids don't really know how to ride, other than on a trail ride.

  3. Have you tried equine therapy for your autistic daughter? I would imagine she would connect with horses on an entirely different level from the rest of us. Amazing animals. My favorite thing in the world is the feel of a horse's nose.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Lisa! She's been on two trail rides. There is an equine therapy place in our general area, but I'm not sure how much it costs. She's in a special needs sports league, but riding could help her too. I'd have to call the insurance company and ask if they'd cover it. She's in a social skills group one day a week, so I'm not sure we could afford all of it. I wish I could. I love to ride. ;)