Friday, April 20, 2012

Time to catch up..Q and R

So since my house is full of 'pre-Prom anxiety', I've gotten behind on my posts. So I'm going to attempt to double up today so I won't get left behind.
I guess since I'm an elementary school teacher, most of the things that pop in my head are 'little kid' words. Like
Q....Queen....But then my imagination takes over and I can't keep it it check. Kinda like a runaway horse.
I can't imagine what it would be like to be the Queen of England. Her lineage dates back so far, its almost scary. I'm not sure I'd want everybody to know every single one of my relatives and all of the good and bad things they did through the centuries. And I think it's also ironic that the people who started this country wanted to get away from the king and queen thing and yet today, we're still enamored with the royal family. That's just a little funny to me. I have the utmost respect for the Queen and I wish I could walk through the hallways of Buckingham palace, but I'll have to be content with getting to see it from the outside, back in 1985. for Rob....My brother and Rob Pattinson. No, Rob Pattinson is not my brother...heehee
 We have a lot of Rob's and Roberts in our family on my dad's side. My dad's first name is Robert, but that's not the name he goes by. That's where my brother's name originated. I love my little brother, who grew taller than me when he was in high school. I'm 5'4", he's 6'1".
If it weren't for falling in love with Rob/Edward, I wouldn't have ever considered writing as another way to express myself. I thought if Stephenie Meyer, who had three small kids at the time, could write a book, maybe I could too. I wanted Rob in another story, so I started typing....years later, I have the equivalent of about 4 books. Who knew?? Now the task is going through all of it and finding something worthy of keeping...I know....good luck with that.


  1. Good luck with the writing, hottie! And with the pre-prom jitters of your daughter. :D

  2. Aw, pre-prom jitters are so cute! Good luck with helping her get ready ;)

  3. Good luck indeed. Just don't give up. I hope your daughter has fun at her prom.