Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A-Z Challenge D

I'm one of these writers that says the first thing that pops in my head...don't judge me...;)

D is's hot.

I live in the south and it’s usually hot here. In July and August. This is April and it was 91 degrees on Monday. Yep, 91—that’s not a misprint.

We had a record breaking March and now we’re on track for April to go down the same road. It’s a little weird seeing all the dogwood trees blooming along with everything else and it be this hot. I’m a professed weather nerd, so this stuff interests me, but it’s also a little scary. 

At any given time, if it’s this hot and a cold front decides to trek this direction from Canada, and the air is humid…we usually get screwed…as in tornadoes-forming-on-top-of-our- heads-screwed. Just like yesterday, in Texas.

Hopefully, all the cold air will just hang out in the north and we won’t have to worry about it…


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  1. This weather has been really weird! Where do you live? I'm in Chicago and we've had record breaking weather all winter and spring!